About Ramgarh Shekhawati

  • Ramagrh Shekhawati is A heritage town with a vibrant spirit that exhibits unity in diversity through color, forms, art, architecture and diversity of learning experiences.

  • Ramgarh was one of the richest towns of India till 19th century and has beautiful structures - magnificent Havelies (more than 200), 36 Cenotaphs (Chattris), 101 good Temples etc.; which are great examples of ancient art and architecture of India.

  • Earlier, Ramgarh Shekhawati was also known as Chhota Kashi, since it had eight centers of Sanskrit learning within a radius on three kilometers. It boasts of the only Veda Temple in the world, which stands beautiful and unique even today!

  • An English traveler of the 1830s has aptly stated that, “Ramgarh is singularly striking and seems to give reality to a vision drawn from eastern romance. The buildings are all constructed from Kankar [Gravel] grey hardpan...numerous handsome houses of the Seths [Business clan folks] some of which are on a magnificent scale, ornamented and painted in various devices outwardly; the neat high wall and gateways and the cup-lard Chhatris [Cenotaphs] in the suburb in contrast with the desert around, altogether exhibit a scene deserving to be allied with enchantment.”

  • Now the town clearly shows signs of aging and destruction. However, this doesn’t make Ramgarh any less interesting. Old is beautiful; Ramgarh Shekhawati boasts of more fresco paintings than any other town in Shekhawati

  • Ramgarh Shekhawati is an unmissable experience – a space to revel in historical wonder, engae creatively and heal our lives.

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