VHAH Fest 2024

Mira Misra Kaushik (OBE)
Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar

Welcome Note

Greetings and welcome from Shruti Foundation to the Vedaaranya Heritage and Healing Festival or VHAH FEST 2024 at Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan!

The festival is an integral part of the dream to revive this unique and spectacular region of India which had been abandoned by some of the richest Seths (merchants) of India almost a century ago, throwing its economic and social order into chaos and disintegration. Today history beckons again as we rediscover the charm, the uniqueness of the painted walls of Ramgarh Shekhawati and the great culture and intangible heritage of this unique town that was once a great Centre of learning and was therefore called Doosra Kashi.

VHAH FEST January 26-29 brings together great artists from across India and Abroad, Classical Fusion EAST meets WEST PERFORMANCES, artists, domain experts, Crafts persons, healers, designers, entrepreneurs as well as Government and Institutional heads from India and abroad to Celebrate, Learn and Create at the festival, and explore the uniqueness of this great town along with the local community, particularly its women and youth.

Join us at VHAH FEST 2024 in reimagining this great historical region of Shekhawati as possibly, the most holistic and exciting Habitat of the Future!